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Service provider

A session initially booked was cancelled by the service provider, as the booking was made less than 48 hours before the session was meant to start. I would like to engage another service provider as a replacement, would there be a confirmation period?

The “verified” professional service provider does not deliver the expected standards of service. I suspect the online portfolio might have been manipulated or fabricated. What should I do?

When booking a service, can I negotiate the session rate for a discount with the service provider via the chatroom?

Can I change the location for my session to take place?

As an individual booking a session on behalf of my dependents, can I drop them off at the location, wait for the start of the session and return to fetch my dependents when the session ends?

I am 16 minutes late for the session and would like to continue the service for the remaining time left. However, the service provider chose to decline fulfilling the session despite my request. Can I file a complaint?

Should I withdraw the remaining credit from my Y-Cucumber account if I decide not to book any service for the time being?

I have a regular weekly booking with a service provider who does not accept bookings from black-rated clients. I was recently downgraded from red to black but would still like to continue the service. Can I appeal?

I made a booking within 48 hours before the session starts to be confirmed by default. However, the service provider declined my booking 15 minutes before the session starts. It is mentioned that the service provider is allowed to do so but I am not satisfied as the situation left me stood up. What should I do to lodge the complaint?

I submitted a cancellation request with sufficient reason to justify that the cancellation is reasonable. This cancellation was made to be rescheduled for another session. However, the service provider is unresponsive and did not verify my cancellation request, resulting an automated 90% session fee refund instead. Will my colour rating be affected?

I booked a session a week in advanced and somehow, forgot to confirm the session although I intended to be present for the session. What should I do?

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