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Connecting you with classical music experts and resources

Our platform is dedicated to connecting classical music enthusiasts with the best service providers in the industry. Whether you're a music educator, collaborative musician, or looking for a space to book for your next performance, we have you covered.

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Making classical music accessible to everyone by providing a convenient and seamless way to connect with service providers.

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Building a healthy freelancing environment

The Y-Cucumber App was based on the principle of the workers’ rights and the consumer protection in a service provider-client relationship. For freelancers in the music industry, contracts of service could be often unclear and commonly a hassle.

With the Y-Cucumber App  automated regulation, users can aspire to engage freely without compromising security and regulation in the process of a peer-to-peer engagement.

A well-regulated peer-to-peer engagement reduces the risk of unfair practices. This increases the possibility of financial stability and career fulfilment of the service provider and at the same time, promotes fair deals for the benefit of the client.

Trackable “open market” virtual environment

The Y-Cucumber App serves as a neutral third party which keeps track of all relevant information for security and regulatory purposes.

A diverse and “open market” environment opens the possibility of various job opportunities and promises consistency and engagement-related commitment with proper regulation.

Keeping records with low platform charges not only reduces the possible risks of peer-to-peer engagement between the service providers and clients, but also protects the interests of the music industry. 

Being trackable also means service providers can customize desired service in accordance with specific skills, not having to be restricted by a limited scope of services to cater to the majority commercial demand. This offers diversified job opportunities while catering to clients who are also seeking the equivalent.

Freelancing service providers in the music industry are vulnerable due to the nature of the peer-to-peer engagement between the service provider and the client. In any case of dispute or compromised ethics, authorities often find difficulties interfering without a credible and neutral third party to keep track or witness the issues surrounding the engagement. 

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